A Few of My Favorite Writing Tools and Resources


I am a bit of a nomad in my writing, and a lap desk can give the flexibility to work almost anywhere. Comfy memory foam, a carry handle, plus a large work surface, make this lap desk super user-friendly.


Tea has become an essential part of my writing practice. It tells my brain that it’s time to relax, and let my creativity flow. Here are a few I’m currently enjoying.



Love this classic, extra large, soft cover moleskine. Great for use at home, or on the go.

I have shelves filled with these in various brands and colors. You can’t really go wrong. Just buy, fill, repeat :)


I like a basic ballpoint pen for writing, as opposed to a gel pen or something else that might smear across the page. These are affordable and reliable. 


Expensive, but worth the price for me, these truly block noise and give me the quiet I need to write. Worth the money if you find yourself easily distracted.

Because it’s about the writing, but also the practices that help the writing flow. And meditation is towards the top of that list. Pretty and comfy!