Frequently Asked Questions


What if I want to write but just don’t have the time?

John Ashbery said: “It is important to write when you are in the wrong mood or when the weather is wrong.” The fact is there will always be a reason to not write - especially that there is no time. 

But holding space for creativity, for the child-like spirit in you, the one longing to be heard, even fifteen minutes a day can open a portal in you. It may even change your entire perspective. Whether you use these workshops or other prompts or just free write, I recommend you start with a commitment to fifteen minutes per day for thirty days. 

If it still doesn’t feel right, or available, stop doing it. That may be strange to read on a writing website, but writing may not be the thing for you. But you do have a “thing.” Try painting or sculpting or gardening or even more creativity in your cooking. Just make some commitment to your creativity - and keep it. 

What if I buy a workshop and realize I don’t like the prompts in the first week? 

Know that all the prompts offered are meant merely as suggestions, something to stir your creative process. If, for example, it is suggested that you make a list of things that are round. You may instead be reminded of a story you once heard about a boy who lost his marbles, and choose instead to write from there. Do that. 

Try not to judge the prompts in a way that categorizes them into separate columns of “like” and “dislike.” But rather, remain open to their ability to move you and let the words spill onto the page.

What if I don’t have my own computer/iPad/smart phone?

All workshops function the same offline as well as online. In fact, you may find that printing them out and hand-writing your responses allows even deeper creative access for you. As long as you can get them printed out (library, ask a friend or family member, FedEx-Kinkos) no device is required.

What if I want to write but can’t afford a workshop?

I believe these workshops should be available for anyone interested in utilizing them for creative access. Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions or requests regarding pricing.