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Write Your Light

The Write Your Light workshop allows creative expression broadly focused on memoir and life purpose. It includes over two hours of writing each week, for six weeks, to be explored in your own space, when the time is right for you.


All Things Wild and Free

Creative engagement for children and young adults, and the parents and teachers who nurture them; homeschoolers.


Rhythms of the Earth

Ecological expression and reflections on the promise and growth of Springtime..



“These Writing Workshops have made such a positive impact on the residents’ lives here at The Baddour them the opportunity to share their writing, and to feel heard and validated. They have a safe space in which they can present their thoughts and ideas, give and receive feedback, and engage in creative energy. There is a sense of comradery amongst the participants, as they all share in this experience together...opening up and allowing themselves to be vulnerable in a beautiful way!”
Alaina B
Expressive Arts Therapist, Baddour Center

“Hollie’s writing class is creative and unexpected. She has a way of choosing writing prompts that draw out the inner poet and dreamer. This is a brain expanding class that anyone can attend and everyone will love! The words you leave with are yours to cherish and be inspired by when you feel your muse is dormant. Truly inspiring!” 
Olivia L
Owner, Delta Groove Yoga

“Under (Hollie’s) guidance, I have seen our students progress in a number of ways. First, because the method honors their creativity, they become more free to explore their own ideas in writing. As the workshop continues, I see their confidence and love of writing grow. I then see this confidence expressed in their writing for all curricular areas. I feel that this personal relationship with the writing process inspires them to become lifelong writers.”
Julie M 
Elementary Guide, Maria Montessori School