Raising The Vibration

I’m often asked how to tap into intuition, how to break through writers block, how to start a creative project in the first place, or how to overcome self doubt in order to reach true artistic expression. The answer for me is multifaceted, but it’s all about operating on a higher frequency energetically, or what I refer to as raising my vibration. What I mean by that it is that by becoming aware of my personal energetic frequency on those days when I feel heavy, weighted, like I’m doing something wrong, it makes it possible to change, or raise, that energy. 

We all have them, those days when we feel negative, disconnected, misunderstood, or even hopeless. But recognizing it makes it possible for us to shift that energy to the higher energetic state of flow, balance, acceptance and connection, which helps us to heal, and also feeds our creativity. Even if you feel confused by this idea, or you don’t necessarily feel in touch with your own energetic frequency, maybe you open to the possibility of awareness? Maybe your desire to grow is greater than the desire to remain the same? There are many ways to improve our energetic frequency, or “raise the vibration.”  Not everything works for everyone. But here are a few of the things that work for me:

Set an intention. Without planning the night before, I like to set an intention for the day right when I wake up. This can be anything from mindful presence, to connection, to focus or abundance. Use your own intuitive knowing and lean in to what your heart desires for this day. Quietly state that intention within yourself, and watch how your day unfolds to meet it.

Make it a habit to notice your thoughts, and practice mindfulness. This is the tool I use to recognize what’s going on while peacefully accepting whatever it is, without attachment or expectation.

Be present in your own body and experience. Try meditation. There are many styles and types. Choose the one that feels right for you. Even five minutes counts. Try it every day for a week and notice what comes up. Here is one of my sample meditations for presence:

Find a quiet seat and gently close your eyes, feel the weight of your body in the chair, and feet on the floor. Draw a deep breath in and down and slowly release. Do that two more times. Deep breath in, slow breath out...Then allow the breath to return to normal again, and focus your attention on any discomfort you may be experiencing. Just notice what feels tight, what may want to be released. And breathe...Notice the vibration of your pulse, the beat of your heart. Notice where in your body you experience the pulsing of your own life. And breathe...Notice the movement of your breath, where it’s hot, where it’s cold. Breathe...Notice the sensations of energy and life in you, and around you. Just sit, and breathe, and notice...And when you feel ready, open your eyes.

If you only have one minute, or maybe you’re on a crowded train, or in a room full of people, breath work can be as simple as the counting and holding of your breath. One easy way is to inhale to the count of seven, hold to the count of seven, and exhale to the count of seven. Again there are many variations. Find the one that works for you and do it as often as you need. 

Eat organic and vegetarian, and as much raw as possible. A healthy diet creates a healthy mind.

Let go of anything limited or negative in your thinking or experiences. Consider: What is it that is no longer serving me?

Spend as much time in nature as possible. The ocean and trees are healers.

Practice gratitude. My personal practice is to offer up three specific things that I am grateful for every night before sleep. It’s fast and easy, and the perfect way to ease into rest.

Live simply and orderly, and your mind will follow.

Move your body. Exercise in whatever way your body allows. Movement can free up the stuck places and invigorate us for what’s next.

Epsom salt baths cleanse and detoxify. 

Drink lots of water - like more than you think you need. It helps your brain and body function optimally.

Practice saying no and maybe do something creative instead, or be open to the idea of doing nothing.

Regulate your own screen time. As adults, we often worry about the amount of time our children are spending on their screens. Care for yourself in the same way.

Be inspired: read a book, talk about something meaningful with a friend, take a class 

Find a community: take a new yoga or meditation class, or find an online writing, art or spiritual workshop, engage with like-minded, positive, high-vibe people and they will elevate you.

Practice kindness. It will not only raise your vibration, but it makes the world a better place.

And finally,

See everything as an opportunity - because it is!

Hollie Ziskind